Psychometric Assessments

The practitioner will spend some time with you, prior to the assessment obtaining background information about current difficulties, previous diagnoses, academic performance etc. Following this, the assessment will take place and results will be provided shortly after.

A detailed report with a summary of clinical observations, background information, medical history and test results will be provided within three weeks of the assessment date. It will include recommendations for parents and teachers if applicable.

If you or your child require an assessment, contacting Embrace Wellness Consultancy, will give you the opportunity to discuss your needs and schedule in an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Once an appointment has been made you will be emailed a client history form and service agreement, which we require you to complete and sign, ready to give to your practitioner on the day of the assessment.

Previous reports such as speech therapy, medical or school reports will assist in the process of obtaining background information and is encouraged to be brought along to your appointment.

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